Nutrition Trainings & Cooking Demonstrations

.Nutrition Training in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Arizona.

Our team has years of experience
providing nutrition trainings on…

  • Safe food handling practices
  • Kitchen safety
  • Prevention of food borne illness
  • Proper sanitation and cleaning procedures for dietary
  • Diabetic meal plans
  • Complying with menu requirements for CACFP
  • National School Lunch and Breakfast Program
  • Nutrition recommendations for weight loss and healthy eating
  • Meeting your nutritional needs throughout the life cycle
  • Complying with state and federal dietary regulations
  • Preparing your dietary department for The Joint Commission or DNV survey

Our dietitian consultants conduct regular cooking demonstrations to help further…

  • Nutrition training in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Arizona.Basic cooking knowledge
  • Learn about healthy food preparation
  • Weekly cooking series to help with weight loss and healthy eating
  • Diabetic appropriate meals
  • Ideas for preparing the pureed and mechanically altered diet

Our group of dietitian consultants includes

Certified Diabetes Educators, Culinary Chefs, ServSafe Instructors, Dietitians with Certificates of Training in Weight Management to meet all of your training needs.

To learn more about the services we can provide to you or to schedule a nutrition training or cooking demonstration, email us at: